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    Quality Ceiling Repairs Sydney 

    When it comes to repairing your ceiling, it’s important to choose licensed and experienced plasterers who can not only get the job done but perform such quality workmanship that the ceiling repair work blends in so smoothly and seamlessly into the rest of the ceiling, that the initial damage isn’t even noticeable.

    That’s our goal for each one of the ceiling repair projects we undertake, no matter how big or small. We take pride in our work and ensure customer satisfaction upon job completion.

    We’re the licensed ceiling repair professional Sydney siders choose for all their ceiling repair work including but not limited to:

    • Water damage ceiling repairs
    • Sagging ceiling repairs
    • Cracked ceiling repairs
    • Plaster ceiling repairs
    • Commercial ceiling repairs
    • Ceiling replacements
    • Cornice Repairs

    If you’ve got a damaged ceiling or wall that you need repairing, then give us a call today to schedule a 100% obligation-free quote.


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    damaged ceiling repair Sydney NSW

    Don’t settle for a cheap, low quality ceiling repair that sticks out like a sore thumb

    When it comes to gyprock or plaster ceiling repair work, you can get a handyman to do the repair work. But if you want a quality repair, so much so that the initial damage won’t even be noticeable once painted, then you should choose a qualified, licensed, and experienced plasterer for the job.

    When you choose to hire us for the job you can count on a smooth seamless high-grade repair the first time, every time.

    Types of ceiling repairs we conduct

    Water Damage Ceiling Repair Sydney

    Water Damage Ceiling Repair Sydney

    Water-damaged ceiling repairs is the most common type of ceiling repairs we conduct across Sydney. Dripping water, brown discolouration, water marks, mould and peeling paint are some of the common signs of a water-damaged ceiling.

    If you notice these signs then it’s best to call in a local roofer or roof plumber to repair the cause of the damage which is most often a damaged roof or a leaking pipe.

    Once the root cause of the damage has been addressed it’s best to act quickly and call in plasterer to repair the damage. Failure to act quickly can lead to mould growth which opens up a whole new can of worms.

    sagging ceiling repairs Sydney

    Sagging Ceiling Repair Sydney

    Over time, the adhesives and fasteners that hold up a ceiling can fail, causing the ceiling to sag. Ceiling sag can also be caused by leaking, due to water damage too.

    In the beginning, it can be difficult to notice but over time, it can worsen to the point where it’s unsafe for occupants of the property due to imminent ceiling collapse.

    In Sydney, garages with automatic garage doors in particularly notorious for sagging ceilings, due to the added vibration of the garage door motor causing extra strain on the ceiling fasteners.

    If you notice your ceiling is sagging in any part of your home, it’s best to call a plasterer as soon as possible and rectify the issue before it worsens and leads to more costly repairs in the future.

    Ceiling crack repairs Sydney

    Cracked Ceiling Repairs Sydney

    Ceiling cracks can arise for a number of different reasons. Sometimes, they can be superficial and only a cosmetic issue caused by poor quality paints or poor quality workmanship of those installing the ceiling.

    Or they can be indicative of something more serious such as movement in the foundations, movement in the roof trusses or from restumping.

    Whatever the issue, we can quickly identify whether it’s a major issue or a minor one and the proper cause of action to take, oh and we can fix the ceilings too!

    When it comes to ceiling crack repairs in Sydney, we’re the go to plasterers for all ceiling repair work, big and small.

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     We’re the ceiling repair company for you!


    Whatever ceiling damage your property has, big or small, we’re the local plasterers who can get your property back to normal in no time, whether you’re in inner city Sydney or out in Campbelltown. You can count on us for all your ceiling repairs. Here’s some of the common reasons why we’re the right choice for your plaster ceiling repair job.

    Insurance Work
    Most ceiling repairs can be covered by your home insurance company. We’re a trusted ceiling repairer for a number of large and small insurance companies, so you can count on the quality of work we perform. Contact us to find out more about how you can pass on the ceiling repair costs to your insurance company.

    Free Quotes
    We offer 100% free quotes which are also 100% obligation free. Our pricing is up front and honest so you don’t get any nasty bill shock when we finish the job.

    Friendly & Prompt Communication
    Sick of dealing with tradies that don’t answer their phone and take forever to get back to you? We understand the urgency associated with ceiling repairs so we make it a point to provide great communication so we can help you solve your ceiling damages as quickly as possible.

    Licensed & Experienced
    Which means you can trust that you’ll get a quality repair job for your damaged ceiling in Sydney the first time, every time, no fuss – just great results. 

    Plastering company servicing south west Sydney NSW

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    Some of our recent plastering work

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    Happy Customers

    Suzanne Finemore
    Suzanne Finemore
    George was friendly and professional, he was always on time, from the day of the quote to the days when he did the work. George and his colleague were efficient and they cleaned up after the job. No hesitation in recommending him
    Rada Vai
    Rada Vai
    We could not be happier with the work completed. GT George Plastering is dedicated to their craft, they were punctual, productive, honest, complete competence and great workmanship. Highly recommend
    Robyn Beaton
    Robyn Beaton
    After storm and rain damage to my ceiling Plasterers George and Denis from SW-Sydney Plasterers arrived at my home to replace the ceiling for me. They replaced the plaster, removed all the waste and left my home very clean and tidy. Both men were very courteous and explained what they will be doing. Thanks heaps George and Denis a job well done.
    George and Dennis did a great job on replacing my bathroom ceiling. George was on time, fast, friendly, well priced and cleaned up afterwards. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. Thanks so much!
    Monica Led
    Monica Led
    I had my ceiling repaired a few months back, I had a good experience with the service from start to finish. Responsive, efficient and the job was very well done.
    Vaia Toweel
    Vaia Toweel
    I looked in our local area group for someone to fix some holes after old aircon units were taken out. George was the only one that responded. He could fit me in the following week and his work was outstanding. Professional work, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Would recommend and call George for any future work I may have
    Sylvie Le Clezio
    Sylvie Le Clezio
    George did a very good job. We are very pleased. Pleasant and professional. Impeccable
    I called George to repair my ceiling and he did a great job. From the first call he was very punctual and very efficient at his work and did a high quality job. I am very happy and would highly recommend George.
    Sheila Baldock
    Sheila Baldock
    Very pleased Rang one day and did cornice repair next day Good cleanup after they had finished Highly recommend them
    Rajiv Pothen
    Rajiv Pothen
    Prompt reply, attended on time, polite and helpful interaction. Good work and tidy up. I would highly recommend George.

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    Depending on the job we’ll ask you to send some photos or we’ll arrange to come and do an onsite inspection and quote 


    We come and fix your damaged ceiling, cornices, and adjoining walls if necessary. Afterwards we clean up, leaving your home as clean and tidy as we found it.


    Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your ceiling is repaired to a high quality finish. Once painted you won’t even be able to tell the initial damage even occured.

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    Ceiling Repair FAQs


    How much does it cost to repair a water damaged ceiling?

    The short answer is between a couple of hundred dollars for a small repair and a couple of thousand dollars if the ceiling needs to be replaced. Also, check with your insurance company to see if your covered for water damage repairs. Most home insurance policies will provide some form of cover. Chances are. you’ll just need to pay the excess and your insurance company will pay for the rest.

    The cost to repair a ceiling, as with all kinds of repair work, it depends on the extent of the water damage and what is required to rectify the situation. Here are some of the factors that influence the cost of the repair work

    • The total square meterage of the affected area
    • Presence or absence of mould
    • Whether or not adjacent cornices and walls have also been affected
    • Whether or not timber structures need replacing. This can be the case with slow leaks that cause timber to rot.
    • The type of finish of the ceiling – e.g. ceilings with decorative features will cost more to repair than plain ceilings.
    • Whether or not electrical fixtures (lights and fans) need to be replaced.
    • Presence of other utilities like plumping pipes, air-conditioning vents, electrical cables, etc.
    • Height of the ceiling – some tall ceilings will require scaffolding to safely work on
    • The overall complexity of the repair

    Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get an accurate idea of how much it will cost without knowing the extent of the damage and what is required to rectify the damages. In some instances, it’s best to construct a new suspended ceiling beneath the existing damaged ceiling. The best thing to do would be to call us up and schedule a free quote to get your ceiling repaired.

    When should I get my ceiling repaired?

    Generally speaking, you should get your ceiling repaired as soon as possible. Leaving the issue will only cause it to worsen over time.

    The exception to the rule would be when the root cause of the ceiling damage hasn’t been addressed.

    For example, ceiling damage caused by water damage due to a water leak need to the leak fixed first. This means you’ll need to get a roofer or plumber in first to fix the leak. After that, it’s time to repair the ceiling plaster. Act promptly and get the repair done before the ceiling starts to grow mould which can quickly spread across the room and cause a whole new host of issues.

    How quickly can you repair my ceiling?

    It depends upon the nature and extent of the damage. For smaller ceiling repair jobs, we can generally get them done within a week or two of first contacting us.

    For larger jobs, it may take longer. However, we do our best to give priority to customers who are in urgent need of repairs and will often work on weekends to accommodate our customers who need ceiling repair work done urgently.

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