How to hire the right plasterer for your project

Jun 20, 2022

So, you’ve decided that you need to hire a professional plasterer to get your project done. Let’s be honest, not everybody is great at DIY and sometimes, the finish of what you need simply requires you to hire someone who does it for a living.

Whether your home needs major repair, you’re extending your home, or even when you have a hole in the wall that needs fixing, all those instances are when a good, professional plasterer comes in handy. 

Where exactly do you start in your search for the right plasterer for your project?

Here are some crucial bullet points to kick off your plastering decision-making, and eventually, seal the deal with the best qualified, professional plasterer who meets both your budget and requirements.

By hiring the right plasterer for your project, you save time, effort, and even money all the while ensuring the best outcome that will last the test of time. The following two strategies are the main two ways that you can find a pool of plasterers to choose from: 

Ask for recommendations.

Survey friends, neighbours, and colleagues for their firsthand experience—hear their recommendations, feedback, and advice. Anyone can make a claim to be the best plasterer in the area; however, for an accurate indication of someone’s work, it’s always a good idea to get their customers’ perspective. If you know of anyone who has recently hired tradespeople for their renovation, ask them for advice because they will give you their honest opinion, one that is fresh on their mind. Getting feedback from people you know and trust is the best way to ensure you have a good experience with the tradesperson you hire. This is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to ensure you hire the right plasterer for your project.

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Look Online

Sometimes, none of your family or friends have appropriate recommendations to pass on to you. When this is the case, your next point of call is to search for one yourself. The Internet is your best mate. Do a quick Google search, join Facebook groups, or community groups to help you discover credible plasterers in your local area.

Through these quick steps, you can now start evaluating your shortlist of potential plasterers. You could consider making a post on facebook on community pages about your plastering requirements which could lead to recommendations of people that you don’t know.  

Once you’ve got a few plasterers to choose from, whether from recommendations or searching online, now is the time to narrow down your shortlist with the following criteria:

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Read reviews and comments from previous customers

What better way to preview your prospect plasterer’s performance than to check out the testimonials and reviews written by their previous customers to narrow down the list further. What are the striking remarks given by people? Are they generally professional or the output is a measly 1 star from projects that went pear-shaped? What do their previous efforts look like? Go through their website or social media page and preview their projects. These reviews and comments will serve as your guide in determining whether your shortlisted plasterers will be a good fit or not. 

Free consultation and quotes for projects that are more complex

When hiring a plasterer for a tricky project, make sure that they come onsite to initially inspect the property to determine what is exactly required. By requesting an onsite quote for projects that are complex, large, or tricky such as extensive decorative plaster, you have the added security that the plasterer can see what is involved and can accurately quote the project. You are now also given the chance to fire questions regarding anything related to plastering. This way, you avoid nasty surprises for both sides, helping you narrow down even further your list to find the best plasterer for your fit.

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 Finding the right plasterer

In conclusion, finding the right plasterer for your project does not have to be an overwhelming task. Start by asking family and friends for recommendations or do a search online. Once you have a handful of tradespeople to choose from, narrow down the list by looking at their experience, previous customers’ reviews and comments, and lastly, see if they offer free on-site quotations. With these bullet points, you will be sure to hire the best plasterer for your project that will leave you happy to recommend them to all your family and friends as well as make you eager to leave a positive review on their business page.

Hiring an experienced professional gets the job done right the first time—repairing the areas needed whilst also achieving the results you want to see. The decision is now up to you and we hope that this guide has enlightened you in narrowing down how to find the best plasterer for your project and budget. 

Our team of local Sydney plasterers focus on quality and durability. With more than a decade of plastering experience, we never compromise on quality. We ensure that every customer gets exactly what they need without having to pay a fortune. No plastering  job is too tough or too complex for our team, having worked on extensive projects from simple repairs to ceiling installations and larger, extensive projects. We take pride in setting the standard of doing thorough problem solving to get the best, long-term result for you. Our plastering services are available in the following areas: all suburbs in the Sydney’s South West, including Liverpool, Glenfield, Campbelltown, Camden and surrounding suburbs. So if you’re looking for a local Campbelltown plasterer then give us a call on (02) 8000 1202 today! 

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